Dancing her way

Before I got to know my daughter, I believed that dancing required being able to stand on your feet.  Oh, how wrong I was!  Trudy can dance like the rest of us, with every single muscle and bone in her body.

She was the floppiest baby in the first year of life with what experts refer to as ‘hypotonia’, which is low muscle tone.  I didn’t know what this meant but when I saw our little girl hang from the midwife’s hand, I knew that it meant that she did not have the strength to lift her limbs up in reflex.

Yet, when she dances, I would disagree with every medical document I have ever received which mentions hypotonia.  Trudy can be sat on her bottom but, when a good tune comes on (usually pop or Disney), she moves her head, her shoulders, her arms, her hands, her body and anything else that has the potential to move!  She turns around on the spot or lifts her legs up – something which is almost impossible for any other human being to do and believe me, we have tried!

It just goes to show that there are strengths where some people find weaknesses and skills we didn’t know we could have.

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